dokapon kingdomDokapon Kingdom

The story revolves around the Kingdom of Dokapon, a wealthy land owned by a rich king and his daughter, Princess Penny. Monsters have begun sprouting across the kingdom, and most towns were razed and captured by these monsters. The citizens became poor and unable to pay taxes to the empire. The wealth of the once-rich kingdom has been plundered and the King must do something to stop these monsters from stealing more of his empire’s wealth. He summons heroes from all over to get rid of these monsters. The hero who does the best job of getting rid of these heathens and free the land will marry Princess Penny and become king. Compete with up to three friends and go through fields rife with challenges and secrets, as well as the evil monsters you have to defeat..

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  • This game has a four person multiplayer gameplay It’s a cross between a board game and a role playing game.
  • Easy to follow game play with tons of opportunities to cast magic spells and play mini games