Active Life Outdoor ChallengeActive Life Outdoor Challenge

The first of a host of planned titles in the Active Life series, Outdoor Challenge lets you put your whole body into more than a dozen fun, exciting challenges. You’ll use the Wii Remote and the unique Active Life mat to join in an array of physically active games that the whole family will find stimulating and energizing. The controls are simple and the movements come naturally, so gather the family and get active together!

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  • Don’t be a couch potato! Get your heart racing and have a blast at the same time!
  • Choose from more than 12 energetic games that you can play by yourself or with your pals.
  • Choose exciting games like water trampoline, river rafting, jump rope, mine-cart adventure and many more. Every game has multiple levels so the fun just keeps on going!
  • You can use your Mii from the beginning to the end.
  • The Active Life mat comes with the game so you can jump into the fun right away.